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@BarronWheelbar1 @Fuquet @KeithMcCullough I went to Costco and got 4 lbs instead. Why 4 lbs? BecauseI trust the price at the market more than the Fed. I will now have my premium coffee on special occasions.

@KeithMcCullough If only there was a research firm that tracked these kinds of things and signalled them in advance, netting me 2x return on FXI puts...for example.

That'd be pretty valuable, imho.

@KeithMcCullough Went to buy some premium coffee at the local market today, $20.95/lbs. A month ago it was $16.95/lbs. I think it was $12.95 a year ago. #can’t_drink_lumber

Found a set of notes from a class I took from Amos Tversky at Stanford in fall 1977. Here is a gem: Instead of trying to correct our intuitions, maybe we should just identify classes of illusions and should learn to correct the bias without changing the underlying impression.

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