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@holmesworcester @AlisonBuki @davidgerard @stupidestMirror @hivolt_ @johnnemann @EFF @c_spelliscy The problem is that you think you're making a pro-privacy-money argument, but you're not. You're making a pro-private-money argument. And the two aren't the same - in fact, believing they are *is* a libertarian ideological trope.

@markcejas @KeithMcCullough Couldn’t agree with you more Mark! As Raj said last week; KM, Jonesy and Team HE have restored my investor confidence with process, data, facts and how to get better with discipline! Fantastic team!!

Friends and CardioTwitter,
How can Heart Rate Variability (#HRV ) be informative if it moves intraday by 1 order of magnitude?
Another statistical problem: standard deviation must not be stochastic for standard metrics.
Is it so observation dependent?

@BitcoinMagazine @KeithMcCullough Uh....WRONG
If you all did your homework and ACTUALLY subscribed to the BTC Trend Tracker product, along w/Early Look & Macro Show you'd know that he isn't a HODLR and "goes both ways."
Stop making assumptions and do your homework.
He buys on oversold and sells on overbought

“Once we have a war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war.”

@BitcoinMagazine He buys at oversold signals and sells at overbought signals. Like he did recently when he sold in the 50's and bought in the 30's.

A note to all BitCoin Magazine readers... BitCoin Magazine doesn't do its homework


"Recall, using the 2Y comps helps normalize for idiosyncratic comp dynamics and offers a cleaner read on underlying trend when distortions exist." -Dr. Quad Drake @HedgeyeUSA

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