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Next week’s national spelling bee is the biggest ever—because more than half the spellers paid to get their spot instead of having to win their way there. via @WSJ

I'm not sure, but I think this is M-E-R-E-T-R-I-C-I-O-U-S.

Everyone fails. Anyone you see succeeding is only succeeding at the things you’re paying attention to—I guarantee they are also failing at lots of other things. The people I respect most are those who fail well. I respect them even more than those who succeed.

TV Nudge Experiment: I am supposed to do a nudge at a street festival to reduce littering. The “experiment” will be shown on national TV. We have 4 hours to film. Target group 20-30 year olds. Any ideas?? #nudging

Here's a word we need in 2019: Lapidation. An old word for stoning someone to death. @CassSunstein proposes we use it for virtual stonings -- outrage mobs that ruin reputations and lives, with little regard for truth or proportion.

Fox News is essentially a Lapidation Machine - but there is plenty of lapidating on the left. (Senator Al Franken was a victim of lapidation.)

Trump predicts 'fast' trade deal with China but provides no evidence @CNBC Good luck

@rinsana @jimcramer Now if I would have said cancelled or suspended for an extended period of time, there is an argument to be had.

@jimcramer I guess they don’t understand the concept of a stock being halted. Which, by the way is not what I suggested. I’ll let you watch the video to see what I actually said.

@AlexTeha @YahooFinance @serwer @jimcramer Nah. If the stock is halted no one can come in and buy it. It’s halted. And if you watch the interview ,you can see what I actually said

@jimcramer What CEO would send an email like that to their employees? It is a shameless pump that IMHO was intended to stop the stocks free fall and avoid a personal margin call. He bought himself a couple weeks to try and change history. The bonds tell the real story.

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