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look, i could go back to work as a hedge fund manager and gather assets and get the job done. I retired from that to help people try to get rich. It is my goal because that's what happened to me. I don't want to go back because this is more important

I have long simmered over managers who refuse to admit their conflicts and their biases. Rich people simply aren't the be all and end all of investing. Most want your assets not for you to do better. Never forget that.

Oh, Hush!@ohhushmusic

@jimcramer Amazing point Jim. Dalio’s advice is better for stay-rich crowd. Your advice better for the get-rich crowd.

Make sure you read this twice. Explain the charlatanism in Plomin's book.
Some pple have know for years that higher dimensions cancel predictability (curse of dim). Now they are finally figuring it out in genetics and neuroscience.

We all know that the dollar is too strong. But we also know-and it isn't talked about-how much the euro keeps Europe back. They are so afraid of Weimar and hyperinflation and cross border strife that they strangle all but Germany

1/ The French have a distinction mathematician vs. "matheux".
+ The mathematicia(e)n is like someone who composes music; doesn't have to perform, be good w/instruments. Invents math.
+ The matheux is someone who plays an instrument; can be a virtuoso but doesn't compose music.

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